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Monday, November 1, 2010

New Friends

Melvin made some special new friends over the weekend. Heather went to Pier 22 in Halifax to sign books while the Queen Mary 2 ship was in dock.

Along came 2 year old Jasmine in her stroller. She really wasn't that happy to be in her stroller and maybe was a bit tired of shopping. So while her parents were looking at books, Jasmine let Heather read Melvin's Balloons to her. She sat still as anything through the entire book. She liked the coyote (wolf to her) and once again, the purple page! When Heather finished reading it, Jasmine said "Read again"!! Made our day! Her parents promised to read Melvin's Balloons to her again that night before bed. So when Jasmine gets home to Portsmith England Melvin will be with her.


Melvin Moon

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