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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody! I'll be beaming down on you to light your way. It's a good thing I got all those yellow balloons!

Look up at me and give me a howl! Stay safe.


Melvin Moon

Monday, October 25, 2010

Activity # 3

Activity # 3: Write a book review for Melvin Moon

1. Read Melvin’s Balloons.

2. Write 1 or 2 sentences about how the book made you feel or what you think about the book.

4. Click into “Customer Review” and type in your book review.

5. You can also type your review here as a "comment".

Melvin loves to hear from you!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Melvin Goes to Waldorf

Melvin and Heather went to the Kindergarten class at the South Shore Waldorf school. It was a great experience.

Melvin really liked the colors that are everywhere in the school. We talked a lot about colors and favorite ones. There were some pretty special blankets there in wonderful colors! Seems like a lot of people have favorite blankets that are white or have white in them- maybe because white can be so peaceful. We talked about pink too- a nice combination of security and peace. The favorite picture was the purple one again! Melvin liked the sense of calm and peace he felt at Waldorf as well as the connection to nature.
We also talked about Halloween! Melvin heard about some very interesting costumes- he can't wait to see them! He is looking forward to the mouse, the zombie and the witches as well as the ones that will be a surprise! The kids asked Heather to read their Halloween poem with them too and that made Heather feel very special!
Thanks Waldorf!
Melvin Moon

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Melvin Howls!

Melvin loves full moon nights and last night was the Hunter's moon. It's a full moon that occurs in the autumn (usually October but sometimes November). During a Hunter's moon, Melvin rises further north along the eastern horizon for several nights in a row. This means we will have dusk to dawn moonlight for the next several days.

Lots of time for coyotes to howl and Melvin, and thanks to your blue balloons- Melvin will be singing right back at them!

Melvin Moon

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cruise Ships

Melvin went to visit the people coming off the cruise ships in Halifax yesterday. He met a lot of people! Melvin's Balloons is now in a lot of suitcases going to exciting places all over the world- lots of places in the United States, like Florida, California, Massachusetts, Ohio, and New York, He is also on his way to places in Canada as well- British Columbia and Ontario. Melvin is going to make a lot of grandchildren really happy! Heather talked to some teachers, some therapy workers, and yoga instructors about Melvin as well. Some of them are going to use Melvin's Balloons in their classes or with their clients. Melvin is happy about that.

Heather heard a lot of very interesting, and many touching stories about lost or released balloons as well. We love hearing your stories.
A special thanks to Michel and Yolanda from Carrefore Atlantic for setting up the kiosk and letting Heather sign Melvin's Balloons books. They have a lot of wonderful books and local artwork and crafts as well. Thanks to Kathleen for organizing as well! We had a fun day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Melvin in Chapters


Melvin's Balloons is now available in Chapters, including the on-line store.

Melvin feels good to be "getting out in the world" and this is a big step. You can still order Melvin directly through the publisher at but he is also available now through

Send a Letter to Melvin

Melvin Moon will be full in a couple of days and of course he is getting ready for Halloween too!

As you all know if you've read Melvin's Balloons, Melvin likes to send letters. What you might not know is that he also likes to receive letters!

When Heather takes Melvin's Balloons to school groups, this is one of the activities she brings with her.

Activity # 2: Send a Letter to Melvin Moon
1.Color a balloon shape on a piece of white paper, or trace a balloon shape on a piece of construction paper and cut it out.
2.Write a letter to Melvin telling him why you picked the color you did.
3.Cut out your letter and glue it on your balloon.
4.Glue a piece of yarn, string or ribbon to your balloon and place it on display! You might want to put your balloon in your window so Melvin can see it easily!

You can also send letters to Melvin through Heather. Add your letter as a comment to this blog or send Heather an email.


Melvin Moon

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Special Balloons

Melvin received some very special balloons. All 33 trapped Chilean miners were safely rescued last night. As part of the celebration, they released helium balloons! They were red, white and blue with the Chilean flag on them. Melvin was very glad to receive these balloons. As well as being the colors of their flag, Melvin sees the red as signifying safety and security now that everyone is back on ground level; white for the peace this has brought to all the miners, their families and to many around the world that watched the rescue efforts; and blue for the fact that the whole world is singing in expression of the success!

Melvin now feels connected to the rescue mission and says "thank you".

Melvin Moon

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Millwood Elementary

Melvin went to Millwood Elementary School in Sackville on October 12th. Heather read Melvin's Balloons to 5 different groups- 9 classes in all! The classes ranged from Primary to Grade 3. Melvin had a great time! All the students were very nice to Melvin. Everyone sat quietly to listen and there great questions and some good stories too! Seems like lots of people in Sackville have lost balloons before so they really understood Melvin's letter.

Heather was really thankful to be given a map of the school with directions for each classroom, a schedule of visits, a cup of tea at recess, and a beautiful green Millwood Elementary School pen to take home! Melvin thinks Heather might be able to write another store with that pen.

We talked about the fact that some colors are a combination of the primary colors. Pink is a combination of red and white, so pink might help you feel peacefully secure. Pink can be very special as it helps connect the first and seventh chakras. In one of the classes we talked about the color brown. Heather wasn't sure what primary colors made brown although we had a lot of guesses! In another class the teacher found a book that answered the question. Turns out brown is a combination of blue, yellow, and red- so lots of emotions in that color! Thanks to the teacher for remembering about that book, and thanks to the power of books for helping us learn.

The only thing that didn't work well was the picture Heather tried to take of the school. Oops! If someone wants to send Heather a picture that we can post we will.

Thanks to everyone at Millwood and a special thanks to our friend Mrs Kelly for setting it all up.

Green Balloons to everyone!

Melvin Moon

Friday, October 8, 2010

Activity for Melvin

Melvin is so excited about colors now that he likes to share his excitement by giving you ideas for activities to do. Here's one Melvin suggests:

Color a balloon for Melvin Moon

1. Draw a balloon shape (just a big circle) on a piece of paper.
2. Color the balloon a color that feels good to you. You can also cut out a balloon shape from a piece of colored construction paper.
3. Print your name on the balloon so Melvin knows who it is from.
4. Add a string or ribbon to your balloon.
5. Put your balloon on the window so Melvin can see it!

If you need more information about Melvin or you'd like Heather to bring Melvin's Balloons to your school or group, check out Heather's website at

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Melvin Travels to Tancook Island

Melvin's Balloons is starting to get "out there in the world". Heather is doing a number of author visits in schools.

Melvin road the ferry over to Tancook Island last month and had fun at the school. All the grades on Tancook are in one classroom. There are 8 students in the whole school and 1 teacher! Melvin feels very free and peaceful on Tancook. The picture is taken from the ferry (where Melvin's Balloons) was sitting, just waiting to dock. On the way back home on the ferry, Melvin saw some of the students fishing off the wharf and they were catching big fish!! There are lots of bright colors on the houses on Tancook and Melvin likes that too. He was glad the water was calm though because he thinks big waves might have been as scary as shooting stars!

Stay tuned for Melvin's travels, activites, ideas and an updated blog!!

To book a author visit for your school contact Heather through her website

To order your own copy of Melvin's Balloons check in local bookstores or order online from

Melvin Moon via Heather