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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Melvin Discovers Moon Dough!

Melvin is very excited to discover something called "Moon Dough". He thinks this would be a wonderful way to make model "Melvin's" and the refill dough even comes in a Crescent Moon shape. Of course Melvin likes the colors of the dough too.

Melvin happens to know that Moon Dough is on a lot of Christmas lists this year and in some letters to Santa.

If you want to include Melvin's Balloon story with your Moon Dough gift, you can find Melvin in local bookstores, Chapters (in the store or on line) or order directly through Melvin's publisher at

You can also go to Heather's website at to find out more about Melvin's Balloons or order a copy.

Melvin feels very popular these days!


Melvin Moon

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