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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Peepers Singing

Heather and I have been listening to the peepers singing at night. Their arrival is a sure sign of spring and Heather seems pretty happy about that.

I am used to singing with the coyotes since I got all those blue balloons, but I figure I can sign with the frogs too. The ones I see are mostly greenish, although they are pretty hard to spot, especially from away up here. Their sound and color makes me realize how much I love all the sounds and sights of spring.

Heather found a website where you can learn about peepers and listen to their sound. If you can't hear peepers where you are, or to learn more about them, check into National Geographic's website and listen to the audio take there.

Peepers only sing at night so we keep each other company!


Melvin Moon

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