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Friday, May 4, 2012


On Saturday, May 5th, I'm considered Super Moon!!  That day is also considered Lunar Beltane. In Celtic tradition, that is a night to celebrate new growth, the summer season, and the shedding away of winter. Heather wrote lots about this on her other blog

 I'm full on Saturday night so I'll be shinning down on you with a special glow for sure.

Because I'm Super Moon, that night, I'll be 50,000 km closer to you on earth than I am at other points in my orbit. That's the closest I get to you all year long.  You may think I look brighter on that night.

No matter how close or far away I am, I am always glowing down on you, thankful for your colors and happy to be your friend. And to me, you are all super heroes!


Melvin Moon

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