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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Activity # 4

Activity # 4: Write a story for Melvin Moon

1.A lot of great books started out as just good stories told around the campfire, at the dinner table, or in bed at night. Read the “Dedication Page” in Melvin’s Balloons to see how he came to life.

2.Think about a favourite family story you have. It might be a story your parents tell about something you did, a crazy thing a pet did, or something someone told you to make you feel better.

3.Think about how the story makes you feel. Does it make you feel sad, happy, angry, embarrassed, or proud?

4.Imagine yourself telling the story to Melvin Moon. He likes to hear how people feel and what makes them feel the way they do. It doesn’t have to be true or exactly the way it happened. Use your imagination to make it even better.

5.Write down your story so you can tell it the same way again and again.

6.Publish your story as a “comment” to this blog entry -Activity # 4.

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