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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hebbville School Visit

Melvin visited 8 different classes at Hebbville Elementary school last week. As part of their literacy week celebrations they were having "Cuddle Up and Read Day" so Melvin felt very much at home with all the pajamas, stuffed animals, milk and cookies!

The libraian, Mrs Rosborough had things very organized so Heather was able to just go from class to class having fun. Melvin and Heather discovered there are a lot of really great writers at Hebbville and a million wonderful ideas! Heather was very impressed with how important books are to Hebbville and how much work has been done on the writing process.

Heather and Melvin were given some wonderful drawings that have become very special treasures- thank you! And Heather got some hugs too!!

You can search through this blog to find the activities that Heather left with the teachers. Feel free to post a comment or ask a question!


Melvin Moon

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  1. Heather got a very nice "official" thank you letter in the mail today from Hebbville Academy. Thanks. You guys really made both Heather and Melvin feel welcome and appreciated. I guess I better get writing!!