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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Raise a Reader Day

I am filled with yellow colors today because today, September 28, is "Raise a Reader Day". In Canada this is a national event where newspapers spread the word about the importance of reading.  Funds raised from these events help support local literacy programs.

Heather was surrounded by books when she was little and appreciates the way they opened up the world for her. We both think one of the best ways to "raise a reader" is to share your ability to read with someone else. I know how great kids feel when people take the time to read to them. It makes them glow with green!

Heather is sometimes asked by parents if their child is too young for Melvin's Balloons.   The answer is always "no"!  You are never too young to share a story.  You're never too young to be read to. And you're never to old to think about me, and how colors make you feel. 

So on "raise a reader day", curl up with me and a child and share the gift of reading.


Melvin Moon

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