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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

In Canada, this weekend will be the Thanksgiving weekend.  I know that because I have been watching you making and coloring pictures of turkeys, pumpkins, and fall leaves. It looks like fun! It seems like the colors of fall and thanksgiving are reds, oranges, and yellows. Those are 3 of my favorites.  The fall colors help me feel safe and secure. When I feel like that I am brave enough to try doing things by myself and in my own way. The yellow gives me the energy to work on projects like getting ready for Thanksgiving. And Halloween is coming up soon too! 

It seems like thanksgiving means family get-to-gathers, feasts, walks in the fall leaves, picking out pumpkins, and a day off school! In some places it means parades, and that means balloons!!

Thanksgiving is about saying thanks for all the things you have and that nature has given you. That sounds nice. I'd like to say thanks for all the colors you give to me! Thank you for helping me to understand my feelings!


Melvin Moon

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