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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lunar Samhain

Today, October 26th is Lunar Samhain. In Celtic tradition, this marks the beginning of the Lunar year. They had bonfires and parties to celebrate the darkest night.  I'm in a New Moon phase tonight which means you won't see me. I'll be up there, just sleeping for tonight, so you have to make your own light.

It was a Celtic tradition to hollow out  turnip, carve a face in it and put a candle inside. They lite the candle and placed the turnip in the window to keep evil spirits away.  Heather thinks pumpkins are easier to carve than turnips and a bit more hollow on the inside anyway, maybe that's why we use them for jack-o-lanterns today.

Heather's going to carve a pumpkin tonight and put a candle in it to celebrate Lunar Samhain.  I'm going to  gather your red balloons around me and get a long night's sleep so I can shine down on you on Halloween!


Melvin Moon

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