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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Melvin's Garden

I was feeling a bit lonely over Christmas and New Year's. I was in my New Moon phase so people weren't seeing me so much.  Heather was busy with another book for adults and  wasn't paying that much attention to me.  Sometimes the winter feels long up here. Heather wrote a poem to me to cheer me up:
Sky Garden for Melvin

I grew a garden for Melvin Moon
I planted a perfect row of clouds
I planted a circle of stars
Right in the middle I planted moons
There was a New Moon, a Waxing Moon, a Waning Moon and a Full Moon
Out of the garden I hoped magic would blossom
I looked after my sky garden in the usual way
I watered the rows,
But the clouds drooped and fell over on their stems
I got the wind to blow softly on my garden,
But the stars floated away
I asked the sun to shin on my garden,
But the moons disappeared
I sat in my empty garden. I snuggled into the soil. I dug my fingers and toes into the earth. I closed my eyes
When I woke up my garden was alive and well and blossoming in the sky above.
Thanks to Melvin's Magic
I feel better now! You could draw my garden and color it in with lots of Chakra Colors. You could write me  a poem of your own!


Melvin Moon

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