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Friday, March 30, 2012

Melvin Goes To Chester District School

Heather took me back to Chester District School the other day. Yippee!! I love going to Mrs. Griffith's class. She's my buddy. I went to her class last year too.

Heather read my letter, Melvin's Balloons,  to the class. We  talked about writing and being an author.  We talked a lot about where story ideas come from.  There are some great stories in this classroom! Heather and I heard lots of fun ideas about balloons, pets, having super powers, and family adventures.  Some of the stories were about balloons and pets together!

Heather told the class that sometimes she just sees something that starts to feel like a story.  She has a story about a seagull she sees on the Ferry all the time. She is  thinking about a duck she sees these days that might not like swimming class.

It can be hard to get all those fast thoughts down your arm, through the pencil ,and onto the paper! That's why sometimes drawing pictures of your story first, or making a story board, helps. You can fill in the rest of the words and worry about spelling later. That way you might not get so frustrated and forget your ending!

Writing can be a lot of fun.  You can be whoever you want to be. You can do whatever you want to do. You can give a real life adventure a better ending!

Have fun with your writing adventures!


Melvin Moon

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