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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Melvin Goes to Waldorf

Melvin and Heather went to the Kindergarten class at the South Shore Waldorf school. It was a great experience.

Melvin really liked the colors that are everywhere in the school. We talked a lot about colors and favorite ones. There were some pretty special blankets there in wonderful colors! Seems like a lot of people have favorite blankets that are white or have white in them- maybe because white can be so peaceful. We talked about pink too- a nice combination of security and peace. The favorite picture was the purple one again! Melvin liked the sense of calm and peace he felt at Waldorf as well as the connection to nature.
We also talked about Halloween! Melvin heard about some very interesting costumes- he can't wait to see them! He is looking forward to the mouse, the zombie and the witches as well as the ones that will be a surprise! The kids asked Heather to read their Halloween poem with them too and that made Heather feel very special!
Thanks Waldorf!
Melvin Moon

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