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Friday, October 22, 2010

Cruise Ships

Melvin went to visit the people coming off the cruise ships in Halifax yesterday. He met a lot of people! Melvin's Balloons is now in a lot of suitcases going to exciting places all over the world- lots of places in the United States, like Florida, California, Massachusetts, Ohio, and New York, He is also on his way to places in Canada as well- British Columbia and Ontario. Melvin is going to make a lot of grandchildren really happy! Heather talked to some teachers, some therapy workers, and yoga instructors about Melvin as well. Some of them are going to use Melvin's Balloons in their classes or with their clients. Melvin is happy about that.

Heather heard a lot of very interesting, and many touching stories about lost or released balloons as well. We love hearing your stories.
A special thanks to Michel and Yolanda from Carrefore Atlantic for setting up the kiosk and letting Heather sign Melvin's Balloons books. They have a lot of wonderful books and local artwork and crafts as well. Thanks to Kathleen for organizing as well! We had a fun day!

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