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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Millwood Elementary

Melvin went to Millwood Elementary School in Sackville on October 12th. Heather read Melvin's Balloons to 5 different groups- 9 classes in all! The classes ranged from Primary to Grade 3. Melvin had a great time! All the students were very nice to Melvin. Everyone sat quietly to listen and there great questions and some good stories too! Seems like lots of people in Sackville have lost balloons before so they really understood Melvin's letter.

Heather was really thankful to be given a map of the school with directions for each classroom, a schedule of visits, a cup of tea at recess, and a beautiful green Millwood Elementary School pen to take home! Melvin thinks Heather might be able to write another store with that pen.

We talked about the fact that some colors are a combination of the primary colors. Pink is a combination of red and white, so pink might help you feel peacefully secure. Pink can be very special as it helps connect the first and seventh chakras. In one of the classes we talked about the color brown. Heather wasn't sure what primary colors made brown although we had a lot of guesses! In another class the teacher found a book that answered the question. Turns out brown is a combination of blue, yellow, and red- so lots of emotions in that color! Thanks to the teacher for remembering about that book, and thanks to the power of books for helping us learn.

The only thing that didn't work well was the picture Heather tried to take of the school. Oops! If someone wants to send Heather a picture that we can post we will.

Thanks to everyone at Millwood and a special thanks to our friend Mrs Kelly for setting it all up.

Green Balloons to everyone!

Melvin Moon

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