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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Melvin's Thoughts about Orange

Whew!  I made it through a bunch of meteor showers and the appearance of a comet without any damage. Because of all your red colors, I felt very brave and strong through it all and shone my brightest ever on the full moon night.  Now I'm in a "wanning moon" phase. It looks to you like I am getting smaller. I'm not, I'm still here- it just looks that way.

Since I feel strong and brave, and have some time to think before the new moon, I'm thinking about your orange colors. Heather tells me that's the color for the second chakra.

Orange makes me feel independent and creative. When I have lots of orange around me I can do things on my own. I don't  do things just because other moons are. I also don't do things just because other moons are bugging me, or telling me I should. I do things because it feels right for me.

I don't see a lot of adults wearing orange or choosing that color much. Sometimes I think they get too busy to be creative. Too bad.  Kids really like orange.  I can even see some orange painted walls on teenagers' rooms down there! Good for you.  If you want to do things all on your own- choose orange and see how you feel.  You might make something really great!

I'm feeling so creative, I'm working on a craft idea. It's a messy one! Stay tuned. If it works out, I'll get Heather to post the instructions on my blog.


Melvin Moon

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