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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Teachers/Librarians: Bring Melvin to School

I really like going to school, because it means I can  share my story and listen to your lost balloon tales.  I also like to hear how you feel about colors. We can have a lot of fun doing activities together.

So this year, I got Heather to join the Writers In The School (WITS) program. This is a program sponsored  through the Nova Scotia Writer's Federation.

If you're a teacher or school librarian  in Nova Scotia, you can go onto the  Writer's Federation website to find out more about the program. On September 15th you can go onto the website and book Heather to come to your school this year. Heather and I will have information up on the Participating Author's page in September. 

For now, you can still check out the program, figure out a good day for you and your classes, and be ready to book in September.

You can also go to Heather's website to find out more about us or to book a visit directly through us

I think school should be fun and I'm happy to help!


Melvin Moon

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